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Cat® Detect Technology

Improve Safety. Reduce Costs. Prevent Accidents.

The best operations say the same thing — safety is the number one priority on the jobsite. Cat Detect improves jobsite safety by taking advantage of cameras, e-fences and advanced sensor systems. It can automatically limit movement to keep machines within safe operating areas, and let operators know if someone or something comes near their machine while they’re working - keeping everyone on the site safe and productive all shift long.


By improving operator awareness of the work environment, Cat Detect technology helps make your site safer every minute of every day. That not only means fewer accidents and injuries—it also means less money spent on lost personnel time, equipment damage and lost production.
Cat Detect lets your operators concentrate on the task at hand and work more productively. Some CCTV cameras and tracking devices even record safety “events,” which you can use to train operators or make changes on site to build a stronger safety culture.


Choose the safety management system that’s right for your job needs, fleet and budget:

  • CCTV Camera Systems: Help eliminate blind spots and enhance operators’ views around equipment during startup and operation with CCTV cameras tied to an in-cab display. Choose from one to four cameras in heavy-duty, light-duty and build-to-fit systems.
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Systems: Add another layer of protection with RFID tags attached to ground personnel or fixed objects. An in-cab alarm and external speaker alert operators and ground workers when they get too close.
  • Machine Security Systems: Get more control over who can operate your machines and when by requiring a special electronic key or passcode to start equipment.
  • Object Detection Systems: Help your operators detect potential hazards in critical zones around the machine. Radar detects objects to the front, rear and side, and onboard cameras show operators exactly where and how far away hazards are located.


Protect You and Your Equipment
Cat 2D E-fence keeps the front linkage within a predefined work area to avoid hazards like traffic. 2D E-fence uses data from position sensors to automatically stop motion when the front linkage reaches the defined boundaries.

Improve SafetyLower CostsReduce Stress
Set 2D E-fence boundaries help to keep you and your co-workers out of harm’s way.Use 2D E-fence to increase safety and help avoid repairs, downtime, and costly jobsite fines.Set your fence and go to work with greater confidence and reduced stress while operating.


Improve Safety around Operating Equipment
While machines are designed to maximize operator visibility, it can be challenging to constantly monitor what is going on around them. Cat® Detect - People Detection for excavators is an intelligent vision camera system that can alert an operator when someone enters within a machine’s hazard zone.

Improve Jobsite SafetyIncrease Operator AwarenessEnhance Machine Safety
Reduce the risk of injury for people working around machinery by detecting multiple moving and stationary workers on the jobsite.Monitor ever changing jobsite conditions by providing progressive visual and audible safety alerts to the operator based on a person’s proximity to the machine.Expand machine safety distances for ground personnel with detection technology by detecting individuals with up to 270 degree camera coverage.


Confidently Lift Heavy Loads

Cat Lift Assist is an excavator safety feature that quickly calculates the actual load you are lifting and compares it to the rated load the excavator is capable of handling. Visual and auditory alerts tell you if you are within safe working range or need to take action to avoid tipping.

Improve SafetyIncrease ProductivityEnhance Machine Life
Keep your excavator firmly grounded when lifting heavy loads.Easily pick and place pipe, manholes, and trench boxes.Less machine stress gives you more working hours with lower owning and operating costs.


Increase Operator, Asset, and Jobsite Safety

Rear Object Detection for wheel loaders is a two-part system providing enhanced blind spot awareness. Radar provides visual and audible alerts when objects enter a safety proximity zone, while a camera allows the operator to see what's behind the machine when reversing.

Work More ConfidentlyIncrease Jobsite SafetyBoost Performance
Built-in camera and sensors provide the operator with vision behind the machine and additional information about the work area.Audible and visual alerts help to reduce the risk of injury for ground personnel working around machinery.Camera and radar help operators focus more time on working efficiently and safely.


Ensuring Safe Operations All Day Every Day

Cat Stability Assist for Articulated Trucks increases awareness of machine stability during operation by warning operator if machine is approaching an un-safe angle, ultimately resulting in machine safety and uptime.

Enhanced SafetyFully IntegratedOperator Friendly
Monitors angles of tractor, trailer and grade independentlyComponents are integrated into the truck for optimal performanceAllows operators to be more aware of their surroundings and be more efficient in their operation of the truck without intervention



Cat Detect technology works on any machine—existing or new, regardless of manufacturer. CCTV cameras and vehicle tracking systems are available from the factory on new Cat equipment or as aftermarket. If any questions, please fill the Request form or use our contact info below. 


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