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Swissbau 2020: Avesco näitas uusi minieksavaatoreid

[Translate to Estonian:] The electric drive in the converted mini-excavator is particularly advantageous when noise-reduced or exhaust-gas-free work is required, as can be the case, for example, in residential quarters and in buildings.

[Translate to Estonian:] The mini excavator Cat 301.7 from the latest series from Caterpillar serves as the basic model for the machine converted to electric drive.

Swissbau näitusel Baselis, mis toimus jaanuaris 2020, esitles Avesco miniekskavaatorit, mis on Cat 307.1 mudeli põhjal muundatud elektriajamiks. Selle masina parimad rakendusalad on keskkonnad, kus on vaja heidet ja müra vähendavat tööd teha. Masin peaks olema saadaval alates 2020. aasta kevadest.

The electrified construction machine obtains the required energy from a battery pack that is installed in the machine. This enables completely autonomous work. If the battery no longer provides enough energy, the charging process can be started via a power cable and connection to a 400 or 230 volt connection. Work can continue while charging. The charger is integrated in the construction machine.

A mini excavator type Cat 301.7 serves as the basic model for the electric machine. Dimensions, shape, equipment, performance and operating weight are identical to the original machine with a diesel combustion engine.

Ideal areas of application

"Ideal areas of application are environments in which there are particularly strict requirements with regard to exhaust gas and noise emissions," says Thomas Wermelinger, Avesco Head of Compact Construction Machines. For example in buildings such as hospitals and when work has to be carried out at night. The option for emission-free work is also relevant in certain inner city areas where special emission regulations must be observed.

Operating costs significantly lower

The operating costs are around a third of those of machines with internal combustion engines. This is due to the higher efficiency and because electricity per hour of operation is cheaper than diesel. The maintenance effort is largely eliminated since all maintenance-intensive parts such as V-belts or the oil system are eliminated and the wear on the drive is minimal.

Battery packs reusable

After being used in the mini excavators, the battery packs can be used as storage batteries for photovoltaic, biomass and other plants for the production of renewable energy.

Remodeling in Switzerland - can be ordered from spring 2020

The mini excavators are being converted at Avesco in Langenthal, the battery packs are provided by ecovolta, a division of the technology company ecocoach AG from Brunnen SZ. Ecovolta also realizes the prototype of the machine on behalf of Avesco. The electrified mini excavator should be available for order from spring 2020

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