Cat® Productivity is a cloud-based platform that gathers and analyzes Cat Production Measurement, machine and jobsite data from all your construction equipment. Data is transmitted from Cat Product Link™ hadrware directly to the web platform, for you to access wherever you are, via your mobile, tablet or desktop device. Cat Productivity helps to deliver real benefits for customers such as fuel reduction, cost reduction, improved productivity, and more.

As a construction site or quarry manager, owner or operator, it is critical that you understand how your assets are being utilized and how work is flowing through your operations. This is essential for managing and optimizing your jobsite. Cat Productivity provides you with a complete overview of machine performance and production, so you can maximize productivity and efficiency.

With Cat Productivity you have access to

1. Production reporting
• Track material types moved
• Identify trucks loaded
• Know the tonnage loaded
• Download detailed payload and cycle reports in PDF, Excel and CSV formats
• Schedule reports and dashboards to be delivered to your inbox

2. Cycle segmentation analysis   
• Performance of segments within the cycle
• Fuel burn by application, and by individual parts of cycles
• Compare between shifts
• Profit optimization by reducing cost and fuel usage


Cat Productivity helps deliver real benefits for your operation:

• Fuel burn reduction       • Optimized efficiency
• Cost reduction              • Improved utilization
• Improved productivity   • Payload reporting


How can I maintain oversight on my multiple jobsites?
With the Cat Productivity jobsite cards, you are able to view a summary of multiple jobsites and high level metrics quickly, all on the one screen.

How can I improve fleet efficiency?
Cat Productivity provides data such as hourly fleet performance to help identify opportunities for increased productivity in your daily operation. For example, optimized management of shift changes, refueling process and breaks.

How do I know if my weekly production target has been achieved?
Cat Productivity’s site reporting can monitor full data on actual fleet production.

How do I improve cycle time?
Cat Productivity provides data on machine activity such as cycle segments, load times, fill levels, and loader positioning. This allows you to make informed adjustments with operators to increase site efficiency.

How can I ensure that each asset is utilized in the most optimal way?
Cat Productivity’s individual assets can be analyzed by load counts, payload and key metrics.

How can I reduce equipment idle time?
Cat Productivity provides utilization information, including machine working versus idle time, machine fuel burn, and map view. Monitoring idle activity means you can make informed adjustments to jobsite operation.



Talking with your Cat dealer is the best way to learn what Cat Productivity can do for your operations. Your dealer can demonstrate the capabilities, outline your options and help you get started. For more information please contact our Cat Technology representative Alfonsas Vitas:

tel.: +370 656 64941