Electric Power customers count on their generators working when they need them to work. Unreliable generator performance can lead to missed targets, broken budgets, unexpected outages. The key to avoiding these risks is visibility and ability to respond to issues in time.

Remote Asset Monitoring (RAM) collects data from generators and makes it easily accessible anytime, anywhere on a computer, smart phone or any mobile device.

With Remote Access Monitoring software, Electric Power customers can:

• View the status and location of all of their generators
• Receive updates on engine and electrical parameters
• See current generator faults
• Review performance and maintenance history
• Set up custom email and text alerts and notifications

With the RAM user interface, personnel out in the field can see the same data as managers in the back office. Super fast web-based maps, accessible from any device with an internet connection.


Important to add, that customers in different Electric Power segments care about different things. Let’s take a look at these segments and how RAM can help:

Stand-by power generators run when needed as the backup power supply at office buildings and other non-critical locations. Customers in this segment care about cost/kw. RAM lets manage risks that might prevent operation so they can stay on target and on budget.

Prime or continuous power generators run all the time and serve as the main power supply at factories and other 24/7 operations. Customers in this segment care about achieving the lowest total cost of ownership while ensuring safety and compliance. RAM lets them gain visibility into their operating KPIs and set up alerts so they can improve fleet productivity.

Critical stand-by power generators run when needed as the backup power supply at hospitals and other critical locations where an outage isn’t an option. Customers in this segment care about cost/kw and compliance. RAM lets receive immediate alerts about faults so then can get the main power supply back up and running as soon as possible.

Rental power generators run when needed as the backup power supply for concerts and other short-term or special events. Customers in this segment care about Return on Asset (ROA). RAM lets dealers see the status, location and fuel level of rental assets so they can manage rental fleet profitability.

Remote Asset Monitoring provides additional value to Asset managers and owners:

• Asset managers have greater visibility and can optimize asset use.
Since RAM holds data from all assets across multiple sites, users can recognize performance differences between assets and investigate the cause. For example, if one stand-by genset is operating more frequently than others, there might be an issue with the power grid. Asset managers can also see differences in maintenance provider response times.

• Asset managers can see additional alert detail and context.
RAM pulls in relevant business data (for example, inspections and fluid analysis) and aligns it with the asset data to provide a fuller picture of what’s happening with the customer’s gensets.

• Asset managers can identify potential issues and take action to prevent them.
RAM recognizes trends in the data and performs predictive analytics. It also provides recommendations, like when to change the air filter to maintain asset health.

• There is no added cost for IT infrastructure.
Users can pull data directly from RAM quickly without putting any burden on the network.

• Asset data is more readily accessible.
RAM data is available immediately for 13 months and in archives for 10 years. The typical process historian only allows access to the data for 30 days.

• Asset managers are prepared for audits.
RAM can automatically run and store reports that show the assets are running within expected performance standards on a regular basis. Asset Managers can easily customize the RAM interface and reports on the fly.

• Asset managers can get decision-making support.
RAM operates safely between the process control network and the business network, so data can be shared with enterprise and third party experts without security risk.

• Asset managers are connected to the dealer.
RAM makes it easy to schedule generator maintenance and order parts.

For more information about RAM and how it can help to manage your Electric Power assets, please contact our Cat Connect technologies representative Alfonsas Vitas:

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