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The consequences and uncertainties of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) are now being felt by every single person, family, business. We all reorganize our daily lives for the sake of safety. Avesco has also taken steps in the Baltics to ensure the safety of its employees, and continue doing the job of supplying the equipment and providing all the services and support to customers as it has done before.


Caterpillar committed to the safety of all its employees as well. That commitment means that some manufacturing facilities might have reduced capacity or might be closed for a period of time following guidelines issued by local governments. However, the company's global and flexible work organization allows for quick reorganization, increasing capacity where possible to compensate for downtime elsewhere. That means - despite the slowdowns, we remain on track to deliver parts and products on time.

Cat Financial, understanding the current situation and being aware that customers may face financial difficulties, is ready to develop a customized financial solution to help run business as usual.

Avesco in the Baltics with no changes continue to supply new equipment and their original spare parts (through office purchase or remotely through, provide purchase of used equipment, technical service, as well as supply or power equipment and systems. Customers also have access to purchase or rent Sitech technologies and Cat Financial Services.

Avesco in Baltics is a member of the Ammann Group that was founded 150 years ago in Switzerland. Ammann Group is still a family business for the sixth generation. We have overcome different times in our history, and thus we can assure you - in the times of crisis as it is now, it is important to be confident that you can trust and rely on those around you. I want you to know - we will continue to take care of each and single of our clients and their business - the history, stability, family-based values ​​and traditions of the company are proof of that.

In this uncertain and rapidly changing time, we encourage you to stay safe and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. And for our part, we will keep our promise as before.

All Avesco technical support contacts can be found on our website - CONTACTS


 Wolfram Söhnel                                                                                       
 CEO, Avesco Baltics     

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